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    Site-built constructionManufactured/modular construction

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    Rehab Checklist

    Roof Needed:
    Rip & Replace (single)Full Roof (Multi)1 Layer or Shingles Added
    Roof Cost:

    Exterior Paint/Siding Needed:
    Exterior Paint/Siding Cost:

    Garage Repair Needed:
    1 garage door w/ openerreframe structure1 car paint2 car paintnew roof
    Garage Repair Cost:

    Yard Landscaping or Cleaning Needed: yes
    Yard Landscaping or Cleaning Cost:

    Heating, HVAC:
    HVAC & ductworkHVAC unit onlyBoilerHot Water Heater
    Heating/HVAC Cost:

    Full Rough-InMinor Repair
    Plumbing Cost:

    Re-wire entire houseminor changesNew panel
    Electrical Cost:

    Foundation/Basement Repair:
    Reframe support beamReplace/Sister joistSeal BasementJack-up houseConcrete
    Foundation/Basement Repair Cost:

    Interior Paint Needed: yes
    Interior Paint Cost:

    Flooring Repair:
    CarpetVinylTileConcreteRe-finish hardwoodNew Hardwood
    Total S.F.:
    Flooring Repair Cost:

    Kitchen Repair/Appliances:
    Kitchen Repair/Appliances Cost:

    Bath Repair:
    Full renovationChange fixtures only
    Number of Baths:
    Bath Repair Cost:

    Framing/Insulation/Sheetrock Repair:
    Move wallsInsulationSheetrock repair
    Framing/Insulation/Sheetrock Repair Cost:

    Dumpsters?: yes
    Dumpster Cost:

    Porch/Deck Repair:
    Tear down & re-do new?Repair existing?
    Porch/Deck Repair Cost:

    Window Repair:
    ReplaceStorm windows
    Window Repair Cost:

    Well/Septic Repair:
    WellSeptic tank
    Well/Septic Repair Cost:

    Oil Tank Repair:
    Above groundIn ground
    Oil Tank Repair Cost:

    Demo Cost:

    Other Repair Costs:


    Total Rehab Cost:

    Additional rehab comments:

    Exit strategy: (If selling, what is your sales price):

    How many fixes & flips have you done in the last 12 months? List address, purchase amount, rehab cost and sale price:

    Would you like to request a pre-approval letter?:

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