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Richmond Mortgage Inc.

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How It Works

The Richmond Mortgage Inc. lending process is fast (1 hour to 24 hour approval), low doc, and NO credit check.

Fill out our five-minute online loan application or call us to start the process. (No credit application and NO credit check required.)

Our Lending Terms

  • Fix & Flip, New Construction, Long Term Rental
  • RMI offers commercial loans (registered business entities only); single-family and multi-family homes, commercial properties, and land as collateral.
  • Our maximum loan-to-value ratio (LTV) is 70% of the after-repair value on a single-family home. Higher loan amounts for long term rentals.
  • LTVs for multi-family homes, commercial properties, and land may vary.
  • APR: 8% to 12.5%.
  • Payoff timeline: 9 to 12 months. Extensions available. Long term loans available for rentals.
  • Pre-Payment: No pre-payment penalty
  • No up-front closing fees or points: You pay points when you sell or refinance your property, of 2% to 10% of the loan amount.

Where We Lend

  • Richmond*
  • Fredericksburg
  • Hampton Roads
  • Virginia Beach

*No loan minimum in this municipality. Projects in all other areas have a $50,000 minimum loan requirement.

Fill out the five-minute loan application or call Mike Krumbein at (804) 414-8690 or Lisa Girardi at (804) 414-0536 to kick-start the next step of your investment success story.

Richmond Mortgage Inc.

Richmond Mortgage Inc.